Located among the preserved nature in the southern part of Yogyakarta, Jogja International Islamic Boarding School (Jogja IIBS) offers the most comfortable environment for learning and implementing both academic and Islamic values for the students. Surrounded with mesmerising natural landscape and cool air, we grant our students with the best learning ambience which will motivate them to study harder. Designed and built under the model and principles of the forestry architecture, we present a modern-industrial building equipped with the advanced amenities which will fully support the students’ learning process and give them the best school experience.

... Besides our astonishing building, we are also committed to be a green campus. We realise that a boarding school can be considered as a ‘small town’ that has an impact on the area surrounding it. Thus, in our school, all stakeholders, especially the students, are encouraged to increase their eco-friendly awareness and be more concerned on protecting the environment. Furthermore, everyone at school has role to refine biodiversity, promote mental health and provide sense of security for all. Therefore, not only does the education quality which is highly taken into account, but also the students’ physical and mental security as well as the environmental sustainability are granted.


Distinctive Islamic Curriculum designed by JOGJA IIBS to guarantee all students get the best exposure in implementing Islam values based on Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah

STEAM Education connects all educational sectors to create adaptable citizen-involved, globally-responsible, reality-based programs.

K 13 is a nation-wide curriculum which ensures both abundant academic knowledge and local understanding.

Leader in Me helps the students boost their leadership skills with to succeed in the 21st century competition.


Student Exchange

Broadening students’ global perspective by experiencing the life of foreign students overseas

Summer School

Exposing the students with immense experience of studying and living abroad during the sunny summer

Comparative Study

Visiting companies, universities and schools to learn more from them

See the World

Keeping updated with what happens in the world

Fun World’s Languages

Introducing new languages to widen the students’ knowledge on various languages used in the world

Annual Seminar

Holding and joining international seminars and conferences to enhance students’ knowledge and insight on certain study

Guest Lecturing

Inviting professionals to lecture and introduce the students about wide choice of occupations as well as to motivate the students to achieve higher


We are aware that good quality education is everyone’s right. Thus, we encourage every parents to provide their children with the best education to prepare them to compete in the global competition. Moreover, we also believe that everyone has different types of intelligent which should be boosted to maximise their potential. To show our support, therefore, we offer several scholarships to motivate both parents and students to join us to get the best quality of education in our Jogja International Islamic Boarding School. There will be NO QUOTA for the scholarship awardees, as long as you are qualified, you will be granted the scholarship which is FULLY SPONSORED by GISTRAV FOUNDATION.

The Path to Seeking Knowledge Lead Straight to Paradise

(Narrated By: Muslim)

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